Full Service Operation

  • Data Management and Development
  • Acquisition and Retention Programs
  • USPS Certified
  • High-speed Automation and Inline Operations
  • Intelligent Matching and Barcoding
  • High Resolution Imaging

With a full range of mailing services and certified as a Full Service USPS operation, Classic manages mailing services with a high level of capacity, quality, and data security.

Supported by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, the most sensitive data is secure and quality is guaranteed. CASS, NCOA, and Merge-Purge ensure lists are current and reliable. Classic's thorough analysis of a client's mailing data files provides the best and most economical delivery through the postal system.

From marketing promotions to regulatory and assured mailings, Classic’s fully integrated workflow offers clients an end-to-end solution that makes mailing stress-free.