We approach all that we do from a "green" perspective.

This includes recycling, reducing carbon foot print, acquiring appropriate certifications, researching sustainable initiatives, continuing education, Classic code of conduct and assigned oversight. It is our policy to conserve resources wherever possible and to regularly tabulate usage of all energy and material sources.

• We employ the use of electronic software to determine most efficient route and method for all deliveries.
• We offer clients print, inventory and distribution options under one roof driven by real time reporting of in-stock and usage of materials.
• We collaborate with clients to determine best-fit packaging, optimize packaging materials and reduce fuel consumption.
• We purposefully seek environmentally friendly materials/practices in each company unit and require our purchasing process to identify and report opportunities for sustainable adherence.
• We have eliminated all non-recyclable packaging such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam, vinyl and inflatable plastics.
• We exceed requirements for all Clean Air regulations. Classic is FSC Certified based on chain of custody.

Classic is recognized annually at the Gold Level for its environmental practices by the National Association for Print Leadership (NAPL), Management Plus Awards Program. The recognition includes Sustainability performance as compared to industry, professional and government standards. The competition is open to all graphics organizations in North America.

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