Content Management

Through technology, Classic integrates its capabilities to offer solutions that enable effective execution of our clients' marketing strategies. The applications Classic deploys provide granular control over branding and compliance while consistently providing measurable results.

Classic recognizes how today's marketing departments are challenged with a plethora of communication tools which add to the complexities of making the right choices regarding multi-channel campaigns. Proving ROI has become paramount to the longevity of marketing initiatives. Relevance is the driver to response.

The overarching mantra has become budget conscious, efficient execution of the right communication, to the right person, at the right time.

Marketing Departments have more responsibility and accountability for successful implementation of initiatives ranging from client acquisition to retention, while still ensuring brand loyalty to field marketing support and e-commerce. This requires multiple stakeholders from multiple areas to create and implement a single vision.

Classic offers a portfolio of services and capabilities under one roof through one point of contact for clients who are doing more work with fewer people. Our mission is to be an integral part of our client’s marketing success.