Who We Serve

Who we serve: Retail

Promotional Signage

Classic creates collaborative online systems for vendors, marketing and product line managers to use for promotional signage management: templates for branded materials, translation, coordination with other media, pricing adherence, granulation to the local level, 100% on-time distribution, easily recognized packaging, instruction sheets for installation and help desk services.


  • Brand Integrity
  • Employee Productivity
  • In-store Execution
  • Relevance to Geographic Location

Stakeholders: Marketing, Operations, Merchandising, Advertising

Point of Sale Execution

Classic Business Analysts collaborated with client stakeholders to aggregate and centralize data distribution. Classic’s Project Managers facilitate workflow efficiencies resulting in increased agility in market leadership, improved revenue, and increased brand equity.


  • Data Management
  • Variance of Store Layouts
  • Relevant Communication to Consumer
  • Strategic Repositioning of Brand

Stakeholders: Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Advertising, Test Store Managers

Who we serve: Financial Services

Practice Management

Classic creates secure, branded, cross-selling tools for Financial Advisors across the nation. Custom Programs create ease of lead generation to increase the Financial Advisor's book of business and increased corporate market share. The tools allow lead criteria selection with real time data filtering to prevent duplication, sales training support materials, secured territories, customizable promotional materials, help desk support and reporting.


  • Having to wait weeks waiting for approval from compliance
  • Financial Advisors manually having to scrub/buy lists
  • Decreased sales productivity due to inefficiencies and manual processes.
  • Tools and Resources/Training
  • Help desk Support

Stakeholders: Financial Advisors, Information Techonology, Brand Compliance


Classic creates on-line portals for accessing brand consistent and pre-approved compliant marketing collateral for financial institutions who are experiencing rapid growth through acquisitions. The portal provides centralized enterprise wide brand control, scalable distribution of compliant marketing communications, centralized reporting and simplified accounting. Portals are secure through ISO 27001 certified practices. There is drastic improvement in speed to market, reduced obsolescence and enhanced brand equity.


  • Brand Integrity
  • Inefficient Operations
  • Reduced Workforce
  • Financial Grade Security

Stakeholders: Marketing, Information Technology, Operations, Branch Managers

Mortgage and Investment

Classic combines print and mailing platforms with proprietary technology to provide a single source solution for regulatory and assured mailings. We specialize in producing and distributing compliant and personalized communications direct to consumers. Managing changes to the last minute, Classic guarantees delivery on time and on budget in an ISO certified environment.


  • Inefficient Communication Execution
  • Compliant Financial Communications
  • Rapid Growth
  • Compromised Brand
  • Uncontrolled Budgets

Stakeholders: Direct Mail Managers, Legal Counsel, Print Procurement, Accounting Firm

Accounting/Professional Services

Classic streamlines marketing operations via an online integrated system allowing regional offices real-time access to inventoried print, event and promotional kits, print on demand and branded merchandise. The marketing portal satisfies Corporate’s stringent brand and regulatory/compliance standards providing cultural alignment with corporate’s unique ordering protocol, reporting and invoicing requirements.


  • Rapid Growth
  • Inefficient Communication Execution
  • Compromised Brand
  • Uncontrolled Budgets

Stakeholders: Marketing C-Suite, Procurement, Operations

Who we serve: Manufacturing

Home Building Supply

Classic establishes brand standards and accurate color calibration for extensive product lines with numerous SKU’s. Fulfillment programs provide branded websites (shopping cart environment) for our clients. Each product is given a unique ID and is mapped into the system. Multiple levels of user access are defined with client's input, coupled with quantity or shipping restrictions on users with internal email loops for approval by system administrators.

Users access the system via unique usernames and passwords, select products, shipping options and ship locations. Users receive automated email notifications for order acceptance and shipment (with tracking links). Users can also inquire on previous orders or orders in process and see status at any time. Automated emails generate product receipts, product returns and low stock notifications. Cost sharing is simplified.


  • Rapid Access to Marketing Materials and Product Samples for Field Representatives
  • Distributor Network and Consumers
  • Inventory Management
  • Brand Compliance
  • Color-Calibration across Product Line and Print Platforms
  • Easy Access to Reporting
  • Simplified Invoicing

Stakeholders: Marketing Management, Product Line Managers, Information Technology, Operations

Furniture Manufacturer

Classic collaborates with clients to set closed-loop color and digital asset management systems. Graphic assets are repurposed for print and electronic communications, increasing effectiveness of marketing messaging while reducing costs of inventory and distribution. Brand recognition is reinforced and Brand equity strengthens.


  • Accurate Representation of Heirloom Quality Furniture and Accessories
  • Electronic Representation of Multiple Finishes and Fabrics for Market Promotions
  • Sophisticated Distribution Network
  • Elite Clientele

Stakeholders: Procurement, Marketing, Operations, Agency of Record

Flooring Manufacturer

Classic delivers increased revenue through fulfillment systems designed to create rapid response to requests for information and to push fresh ideas into the marketplace. Product samples, promotional materials and premiums are housed in user friendly drag and drop applications allowing manufacturer, sales and consumers to choose communications that are relevant. Levels of access and views provide a wide range of reports that facilitate solid marketing and procurement decisions. G7 certified color managed images guarantee 100% accurate color match.


  • Growing Network of Distributors
  • Extremely Competitive Industry
  • Tiers of users including contractors
  • Distributors and Consumers
  • Consistent Marketing Communications
  • Annual Budgets

Stakeholders: Procurement, Marketing, Agency of Record

Who we serve: Life Sciences

Medical Supply

Classic streamlines distribution of marketing materials and product samples, while providing real time ordering and tracking information to headquarters. The system reduces costly bricks-and-mortar storage for the client, optimizes human assets, provides extensive reporting of field activity and increases responsiveness to business opportunities. The on-line program integrates with clients preferred freight carriers allowing ease of budget management.


  • National and International Headquarters with Expanding Sales Force
  • Global Fulfillment Requirements
  • Product Information and Promotional Items
  • Brand and Legal Compliance
  • Inconsistent Utilization

Stakeholders: CFO, Marketing, Operations, Field Representatives

Benefits Administration

Classic collaborates with clients to set closed-loop color and digital asset management systems. Graphic assets are repurposed for print and electronic communications, increasing effectiveness of marketing messaging, and reducing costs of inventory and distribution. Brand recognition is reinforced and Brand equity is strengthened.


  • Assured Distribution
  • Secure Communication
  • Legal Compliance
  • Personalized/Confidential Communications

Stakeholders: Benefits Administrators, Third Party Providers, Human Resource Professionals

Clinical Research Organizations

Classic’s front-end applications allow clients to focus on delivering their services without the distraction of compliance and regulatory concerns. Our back-end print platforms and secure environment allow for confidence that programs will be delivered with utmost security, scalability and cost efficiency.


  • Confidential Communications
  • Medical Professional Kits
  • Educational Communications
  • Patient Information
  • Assessments

Stakeholders: Clinical Research Organization, Marketing, Field Researcher Professionals

Who we serve: Energy

Electric Power

Classic manages a wide-array of customer communications, reducing administrative burden and improving customer satisfaction. Our technology simplifies complex personalized communications allowing clients to speak specifically to recipients and gain increased interactions.


  • Assured Mailings
  • Heightened Environmental Awareness
  • Cross Selling
  • Rebranding

Stakeholders: Procurement, Marketing, Environmental Development, Agency of Record